Magazine Artwork Details

Trim size: 12” tall x 9” wide

Full page with Bleed: 12.5” tall x 9.5” wide

Full page Centered: 11.75” tall x 8.65” wide

Half Page: 5.75” tall x 8.25” wide


Please supply ads saved as PDF or Tiff files.

If saving as a PDF file DO NOT INCLUDE CROP MARKS - save ad with bleed area. Correct artwork is the responsibility of the client and/or advertising agency. Global Nomad Inc and Polo & More magazine cannot be held accountable for typographical errors in ads supplied, nor can accept any liability for the inaccurate reproduction of artwork that does not meet the criteria as outlined previously.


Magazine Ad Rates

Full Page: US$2,750

Half Page: US$1,500

Back Cover: US$6,000

Inside Front Cover: US$4,750

Inside Back Cover: US$4,000

Double Page Spread: US$5,000

Four Page Fold Out: US$9,000

Please note: All prices are quoted in US$ and VAT will be added to these prices on final invoice.