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Polo & More, Singapore 2017 Issue

Polo & More, Singapore 2017 Issue

Polo & More is a luxury polo publication that came to life in 2006,  its aim is to promote and showcase the 'Sport of Kings' and the glamorous lifestyle surrounding it.  The game is played on grass, snow, sand and even on the backs of elephants and camels  in some countries. It is our mission at Polo & More  to bring  every exciting detail, from the our corners of  the polo world to our readers.

The exotic lifestyle of the players and the "polo set" has, for many years, been a source of interest to the media and society watchers.  Polo attracts an exotic mixture of the wealthy and affluent, who jet between London,  St Moritz, Buenos Aires, Sydney, West Palm Beach and more recently, Barbados and Jamaica, to name but a few of the locations on the international polo circuit.

Within the magazine,  the Polo section features prestigious events within the international Polo calendar. The & More section reveals the polo lifestyle with coverage of luxury villas,  5 Star hotels and  exclusive spas for the discerning traveler, chukker chic polo fashion featuring leading international & local designers, articles and interviews with well-known personalities and celebrities from the polo world, combining thought provoking editorial and reports written by contributors who understand the game (and the glamour) with spectacular exclusive photography.


Principal Bio

Karen Hourse

Karen Kranenburg has been involved with polo for the last 15 years as a polo event co-ordinator and a player.  She was the architect of the popular  35 – 40 goal Polo Masters which was staged for several years at Hurtwood Park Polo Club in UK, and the Barbados Open, (now in its 12th year), which is played annually in Barbados in March.   She has traveled extensively as a polo consultant and has  herself played polo from Australia, India, Pakistan to Argentina and all points in between .  Through her company Polo & More, she has organized events in UK, Barbados, Argentina, USA, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore and India, she was also the principal behind the “Governors Island” polo event in New York City when  polo returned to the island in New York Harbour for the first time in 71 years.  She has worked on the Canadian Open, the Singapore Open, the Indian Open as well as the Queen’s Cup and British Open in the UK.   In 2006 she launched the glossy Polo & More (Barbados) magazine which has been widely distributed  worldwide and well received. Polo & More deal with the organization & marketing of unique and innovative projects, in an attempt to promote polo to a wider audience, but from the perspective of some-one that understands the sport and is passionate about it.